Vacuum metal coating

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Technology and equipment:
Products are metal coated by a vapor deposition method. In a high vacuum environment, extremely thin metal layers can be applied on a wide range of base materials. The applied metal layer precisely copies the surface of a product. Metal coating creates a reflexive layer or a decorative metal look – chrome plating.

The facility's high quality of service, internal processes, customer service, and customer satisfaction was confirmed when it was successfully awarded the ISO 9001 quality management certification. 

IQNet Certificate
CQS Certificate

Offer of service: 

Vapor deposition is suitable for:
- products of plastics, laminates and foils
- light metals
- glass
- other materials  

Note: This technology is not suitable for the metal coating of porous-structure materials or for dirty or greasy surfaces.

Metals used for vapor deposition:
Aluminum (Al) is the most frequently used material treated with vapor deposition. This technology can also be applied to other pure metals such as copper, nickel, chrome, silver, gold, etc.
Protection of metal coatings:
To improve the service life of metal coatings and the utility properties of products we apply them with surface top lacquers featuring high mechanical and chemical resistance – also see ‘Lacquering of plastics’.

Possible ways of applications:

Electrical engineering
Components for the electrical engineering industry, components for illuminators, application of conducting coatings
Automotive industry 
Automotive and motorcycle headlights, renovation of headlight reflectors, warning reflectors, car accessories, tuning, veteran and vintage cars
Construction industry and households
Components for sanitary products and for the construction industry; furniture and interior accessories, household products
Decorations and ornaments
Promotional objects, signboards and logos, trophies, awards, cups, original works of art, packaging units, cosmetic products seals, toy and model components

ABB, Alca plast, ALCZ, Ravak, Škoda - Auto, Ronal etc.


Ladislav Náhlovský
GSM: + 420 739 520 002
GSM: + 420 604 527 528

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