Services for you – metal coatings, lacquering, cutting and other finishes

PRECIOSA is the world’s leading producer of cut crystal. It specializes mainly in the production of machine cut top-class fashion jewelry stones and beads manufactured in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. The company also manufactures decorative lighting fixtures, crystal figurines and exclusive fashion jewelry. PRECIOSA endorses the legacy of its glass-making predecessors yet, on the other hand, it disposes of state-of-the-art technologies necessary for the production and cutting of glass as well as for a multitude of additional processes. It has its own research base that facilitates research and development of unique machines and equipment and the use of first-class technologies.

Modern technologies in connection with long-time experience

Technologies enabling the vacuum metal coating and lacquering of glass and plastics have a fifty-year tradition in Turnov’s plant No. 4. Its production department is fitted with up-to-date equipment. Similarly, the glass and metal processing production premises of PRECIOSA – LUSTRY, a.s., Kamenický Šenov are also equipped with top-notch devices and technologies.

We offer you the utilization of our production capacitates equipped with modern technologies: 

Production of glass components (Kamenický Šenov) 
Cutting and refinement of glass components (Kamenický Šenov)
Vacuum metal coating (Turnov)
Electroplating (Kamenický Šenov)
Lacquering of metal (Kamenický Šenov)
Lacquering of plastics (Turnov)
Laser cutting of sheet metal (Kamenický Šenov)
Brass casting (Kamenický Šenov)

It is a wonderful challenge for us to cooperate with you already during the development of your products and to contribute to their look. Delivery periods depend on capacities available and on the nature of job orders; however, they usually do not last longer than 15 working days. Our professional staff is ready to provide you with detail information and the best services.

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